World History According to Undergrads
Tent revival parking lot

“During the Second Great Awakening society was totally changed and people didn’t lock their doors, or cars.”

The human condition

"Another cause of so many indentured servants in America was, there were lots of people who suffered from poverty, politics, or religion."

I see, and say nothing (but hear everything)

"The reformation in England during the Elizabethan Ear was more successful than other European countries.”

Stating the obvious, part VI

"In the South before the Civil War African Americans were treated like slaves."

Free and responsible search for truth and Nazis

"Democracy and federalism are most threatened by Unitarian dictators like Hitler and Stalin."

wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

"John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry would have been successful if he had better propaganda, like Hitler used in Germany a decade later."

* You know you’re jealous of my awesome chart making abilities.

What would Teddy Roosevelt do?

"In the 1950’s America seized Cuba from Mexico." 

So wrong it hurts, part IV

"The Vietnam War was between North and South Korea."

We’re going to need a smarter boat

"The Dreyfus Affair was a scandal concerning Richard Dreyfus."

* We think this is our most disturbing photoshop yet. You’re welcome.

Parental Discretion Advised

"In some situations, white men’s presence was little more than a few dudes taking advantage of North America’s large beaver population."